Neovim :checkhealth problems

## Configuration
  - OK: no issues found

## Performance
  - OK: Build type: Release

## Remote Plugins
  - OK: Up to date

## terminal
  - ERROR: command failed: infocmp -L

  - INFO: $VTE_VERSION='6401'
  - INFO: $COLORTERM='truecolor'

  - ERROR: Failed to run healthcheck for "provider" plugin. Exception:
    function health#check[21][4]..<SNR>101_check_ruby[15]..<SNR>101_system, line 11
    Vim(let):E903: Process failed to start: no such file or directory: "/bin/bash"

What can I do about it? What would not work if I don’t fix this errors?

Proper solution:
A) Substitute /bin/bash with store path during plugin build
B) Create a PR to the plugin repo to use /usr/bin/env bash instead

hacky solution:
Do something similar to this for /bin/bash

Can you provide some code? I don’t understand what should I do with this line:

  systemd.tmpfiles.rules = [
    "L+ /lib64/ - - - - ${pkgs.stdenv.glibc}/lib64/"

Rewrite it in a way that it doesn’t link the ld-linux but bash instead.

  systemd.tmpfiles.rules = [
    "L+ /bin/bash - - - - ${pkgs.bash}/bin/bash"

Should suffice. Though this is really option Z, please try B first and use A to mitigate until the fix has landed.

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Do you mean this plugin? GitHub - neovim/neovim-ruby: Ruby support for Neovim

Thanks for the suggestions. I had this problem when trying to run the windows nvim (i.e., the one in from within cygwin, and this was my solution:

export SHELL=/cygwin64/bin/bash

before starting nvim-qt.exe, or defining it this way:

alias nvim=‘SHELL=/cygwin64/bin/bash ~/pkgs/Neovim/bin/nvim-qt.exe’

But that only worked on nvim-qt.exe, nvim.exe still freezes, but at least one version of nvim runs.