Neovim with LUA + Packer

I’d like to use home-manager for this setup.

There seems to be a package vimPlugins.packer-nvim that I don’t know how to use. Installing it does nothing and Neovim can’t find it to do a PackerSync.

I’d like to use a method that doesn’t force me to convert my LUA files to Nix. Neovim seems to read LUA files just fine, it just doesn’t find Packer.

Alright. It seems that Packer can just be installed normally, and it works that way. It also needs the package luajit.

The rest of the linters and LSP packages that you may use can be made to work using nix-shell when tackling a project with a certain programming language and tooling.

But if I can install Packer manually, then what’s the purpose of vimPlugins.packer-nvim?

if you use neovim-unwrapped, then it works like on any other distribs. If you want a reproducible setup then nix is the solution. If you dig deep enough you can have a hybrid setup where nix will install plugins in a reproducible manners and you can load the rest imperatively (that’s what I do).