Nerd Fonts - Only see half the icon set

I’ve got several nerd fonts installed. I also switched from using the override to install just a few fonts to installing the entire nerdfont set.

The issue I’m having is I can see many of the icons if I paste them into a terminal or view them with the font-manager app.

However, when I look at the available icons on the Nerd Font Cheat Sheet:

My fonts only show icons up to around f32f. Any icons listed with a 5-digit code vs a 4-digit code don’t seem to be available.

I’ve tried several of the nerd fonts and they all seem to end at the time the icons with 5-digit codes begin


I seem to be hitting the exact same issue and cannot figure out a fix, did you happen to find a solution?

So the problem (for me) stems from the upgrade of Nerd Fonts from 2.2.2 to 3.x, there were some breaking changes in the codepoints for some icons due to clashing with non-english languages. You can see the tracking issue here.

I verified this by quickly downgrading nerdfonts to 22-11’s stable release, which fixed my broken glyphs/icons immediately.

To use 3.x versions, I fixed all the illegal codepoints in my own code using nerdfix. You can interactively scan and replace illegal codepoints in-place with

nerdfix fix --recursive ./repo