Netmaker options

I’m new to nixos, so apologies if I missed something obivous.

I can see that there is a netmaker server and client package, this was separated recently.

Where do I find the NixOS options for netmaker? I’m guessing if I don’t see any results, I have to install via pkgs and then configure manually?

There are two packages that I see for netmaker, one is ‘netmaker-full’, does this mean it still have both the client and the server? I assume the ‘netmaker’ is the client, how would I verify this, as the source link for both is the same.

It looks like no one has created a module for Netmaker, so yes, the way to use it currently is to just refer to pkgs.netmaker, probably from a systemd service based on these instructions. Their example translates to something like this: = {
  description = "Netmaker Server";
  after = [ "" ];
  wantedBy = [ "" ];

  serviceConfig = {
    Type = "simple";
    Restart = "on-failure";
    ExecStart = "${pkgs.netmaker}/bin/netmaker -c /etc/netmaker/netmaker.yml";

You can see the difference between the two packages in all-packages.nix; netmaker-full allows the package to by default include the client while netmaker restricts it to just the server.

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