[nettle] Package not added to path after install?


I have tried installing nettle, but the binary does not seem to be added to the path.

I have edited my /etc/nixos/configuration.nix, adding the nettle package on environment.systemPackages and did a sudo nixos-rebuild switch. Still, the nettle-pbkdf2 (and any other nettle-* binary) is not found on my $PATH.

I have the binaries on the machine, managed to find this for instance:

$ ls /nix/store | grep nettle

$ tree /nix/store/m9mnd52j09sqx8x4zhdasfvycjll9n6s-nettle-3.7.3-dev/bin/
├── nettle-hash
├── nettle-lfib-stream
├── nettle-pbkdf2
├── pkcs1-conv
└── sexp-conv

$ nettle-pbkdf2 --help
nettle-pbkdf2: command not found

package: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/tree/nixos-21.11/pkgs/development/libraries/nettle

You probably need to use nettle.dev, since bin is in the dev output (though IDK if that indicates a problem with the package or not).

Works, thank you!

Just for future reference: Changed nettlenettle.dev on my configuration.nix and run a nixos-rebuild switch.