Network stopped working after switching from unstable to 23.11

I recently changed my flake input from nixpkgs/nixos-unstable to nixpkgs/nixos-23.11 , immediately after doing this the wifi disconnected. I then reverted that change and rebooted but it still wasnt working. I was able to get wifi working in a live boot so its not a hardware issue.
I am able to discover and connect to networks but I get the errors Destination Port Unreachable and Operation Not Permitted when trying to ping an address.

My system version is 23.11 and nix version is 2.18.1

@tacocatgirl Were you able to figure this out?

It was an issue with mullvad vpn’s killswitch, I just had to reset mullvad.

I just ran into this same issue after upgrading from 23.11 to 24.05 and was able to fix with mullvad lockdown-mode set off. Thank you for documenting this as it would’ve taken me hours to figure out.

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