Networking in the installer: IPV6 subnet on a VPS with minimal nixos

I have a VPS set up with liteserver. The VPS has an interactive shell which I can access through the browser. This gives me access to ifconfig. I’ve got to networking in the installer and I’m not sure how to proceed.

Liteserver assigns an IPV6 subnet to every VPS and describes how to use them (in very little detail) here. My subnet is 2a04:52c0:118:fe87:0000:0000:0000:0001/64 (which can be abbreviated as 2a04:52c0:118:fe87::1/64). The bottom of this article also explicitly recommends using a static IP config for networking.

So, with this information, how do I connect to the internet so the nixos installer can work?

Some more context: from this thread I’ve got as far as using ifconfig to add a new network with:

ifconfig ens3 inet6 add 2a04:52c0:118:fe87::1/64

I can then run ifconfig ens3 up to ensure that network is up. But that isn’t enough: if run something like ping or try nixos-install, it fails (ping doesn’t give me the html it should, and the nixos installer complains about not being able to resolve hostnames. The final comment on the reddit thread told me to setup networkmanager, but the nixos manual seems to say that I can’t (/shouldn’t?) do that yet – I should do networking in the installer manually.

Any help appreciated.

For anyone who ever finds this, just follow this guide.