New category 'hardware'

I just got some new hardware, i’d like to bench mark it with nix, and post it somewhere.

do we have a category/section for this :-).

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Sorry for not replying sooner! I’m not sure a general hardware category does much since people with different hardware probably have way different needs. Maybe we should make a category under Special Interest Groups for your particular hardware type? I’d be happy to hear other feedback/opinions about this too.

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i’m busy/distracted/many things too do too! professional nix work is getting busy… Just wanted to see if the biggest and smallest machines/rigs/battle stations/workstations/ etc, that Nix/OS is running on. I can see is a distinction between laptops/mobile and desktop/server machines.

here is a picture of my workstation, nixos is running fine.

That’s a good point: we don’t have anywhere for people to just share their configs, desktop pictures, etc. Maybe we should make a new top-level category called “Share”, that people could use for all those.

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