New issue templates

When creating new issues you will now be presented with a set of templates to choose from:

To try it out, go to

Like most of these things we need to use them to gather good feedback. If you see anything that you think can be improved, please ping me!



It would seem that since you have created the org-wide, GitHub has automatically added a new item to the choose menu:

There is a sort of redundancy between ‚ÄúSecurity report‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúReport a security vulnerability‚ÄĚ. Furthermore, the ‚Äúsecurity report‚ÄĚ template is confusing because it tells the user to not open an issue, but it gives the template, and the user is just one click away from posting the issue publicly. So I would suggest removing the ‚ÄúSecurity report‚ÄĚ template, and moving its content to the file in

Fixed! Thanks for the feedback, very helpful.