New NixOS Reproducible Builds overview page

We’re happy to announce a new overview page for the Reproducible Builds effort for NixOS:

The Reproducible Builds project encourages any project that ships binaries to have an independently-verifiable path from source to binary. The way to achieve that is to set up your build processes in such a way that running the same build twice leads to a bit-by-bit identical result. When you then build the same thing from independently-operated infrastructure, and builders agree on the result, the artifact corresponds to the source - unless all builders were compromised.

There’s plenty of things to do - if you’d like to participate, join us in the NixOS Reproducible Builds Matrix room or look at the currently known issues for a couple of interesting subsets


Hey, nice UI!

Diffofscope links are broken here:

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Yes, sorry about that, that’s semi-intentional: 90% of those diffs are huge and all instances of haskellPackages not deterministic · Issue #151347 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub. Would be nice to improve the presentation, of course :slight_smile: . The other three reports should have working diffoscope links.

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