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However, there were some serious problems with Nix this time around. I’ve tried both NixOS and Nix on other distributions in the past and, previously, the experience has been smooth, polished, and functional. While I’ve sometimes had to do a bit of reading of the manual pages to get the most out of Nix, past versions have worked well and NixOS as a whole has performed pretty well, like other minimal desktop distributions.

I’m not sure what happened to Nix in the past year or so since I last experimented with it (and NixOS), but this felt like a big step backwards. Both the functionality of Nix and the stability of the packages available in the repositories were not up to the previous high standard […] The user should not see debugging messages and segfaults when trying to perform package upgrades or installs.

The author is using the old nix tools like nix-env to experiment. Nix needs to guide new users better and eliminate these old interfaces…