New to NixOS Intel iGPU Help


I am brand new to NixOS have been using Arch for past 4 years. I am a Vivaldi user and I cannot get it to play YouTube vids I just get a Green screen with Audio.

My laptop is an old Dell Intel i7-7500U with on an Intel HD Graphics 620 iGPU… Using KDE Plasma Desktop X11…

here’s my configuration.nix

What am I doing wrong ?

You appear to have multiple video acceleration related drivers installed. Why?

I’d start by removing all of them. You should then have working video playback without HW acceleration.

Then I’d add only one VA-API driver that works best for your specific iGPU. I don’t remember how it works in Intel-land (AMD’s is simply in Mesa), so you’d have to research that yourself.

I dunno what you mean … On Arch drivers are also in mesa. Since am new to all this do you mind pointing out what I should remove ? I simply followed some guides I found online coz the Wiki is all over the place xD

I should also point out that Video playback in Vivaldi does work fine on Wayland just not X11 …

Side note : SDDM Autologin to PlasmaWayland session is still broken (Black Screen)

I mean this section:

    extraPackages = with pkgs; [

Remove it entirely.

IIRC intel’s VA-API drivers aren’t in mesa because they predate mesa’s VA-API support.

Note that, unlike Arch, the NixOS wiki is not official documentation.

Official docs are the NixOS options, the manual and