"New users" are restricted on discourse


I was just blocked from sending a reply on discourse. The message stated “Sorry, new users are not allowed to send more than two links in a message”. Not sure how or why this happens, but it is quite restrictive compared to the old mailing list, and being considered “new” by discourse feels a bit strange :wink:

Any way to disable this ?

We can change the number to be higher. @zimbatm I prefer to set it higher and lean on moderation instead of settings like that.


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No objections here. It’s easy enough revert if we start to have spam issues.

@ryantm also I don’t have problems if you want to change settings in general if you are confident that it’s better for the forum. wanna do the change?

@zimbatm I have no problem managing the settings, but you’ll need to make me an Admin to do that. I’m currently only a moderator.

you shall now be called Mr Admin @ryantm

I’ve set the max new user links to 50.


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