New YouTube series on NixOS

Hi folks,

I’ve steadily been making videos about NixOS and related topics on YouTube for about a month or so. Currently there are 31 videos about NixOS in a playlist available at .

The reason I’m posting here is because I’m sure half the stuff I’m telling people is likely at least slightly wrong, and it would be helpful if folks with more experience could add a comment or two to set the record straight on such matters. I’ve already gotten a good number of comments that have helped steer me (and others) off the bad path, and more would be helpful.

Although I started with some skepticism, I’ve reached the point where all other Linux distros are now dead to me. Thanks for so much work!


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Yeah, i’ve been checking your tubes, not gone through all your content so far, but what I’ve seen looks good. Thanks for taking the time to tell people about nix…

with the entire nix ecosystem, there are many ways to achieve to the same results, which is a great upside of having the nix DSL to do the heavy lifting, but also a downside, because it’s a fully blown functional programming language , so can be programmed to do almost anything (with in the confines of a derivation and the limitation of the nix master daemon).

Somethings change so quickly, like flakes, that what you say 6 months ago, won’t fly today… .thats just the rapid evolution that nix goes through… sometimes on a weekly basis! :slight_smile:

be careful, nix can be very addictive, right from configuring your OS your way, making the configuration reproducible, to deploying clusters of machines/infrastructure as code…, without a whiff of ansible , docker, or all the other word soup devops tools… nix really can do it all!!

Maybe some of your research can be transcribed into some form here…

for those that prefer the written word, rather than the spoken podcast/video format.


I have indeed registered an interest in contributing, should be coming around on the guitar soon :slight_smile:

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Pretty work there Chris! Been watching your NixOS YouTube series from the start and finally took the NixOS pill this Friday night. Using your common system config I’ve got HP ZBook Fury G8 and Lenovo ThinkPad W530 sharing same configuration.

Thank you!


Awesome :slight_smile: Definitely your kind of system.

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I suspect folks may enjoy this one, recorded today. It’s a little content-free but it’s fun.

NixOS 39: Why You Should Maybe Be Excited About NixOS


yep, i was affraid this might happen, you might as well face it , your addicted to nix. :wink:

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The lights are on but I’m not home indeed. :slight_smile:

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