Newbie Question home manager first configuration


i started to use nix and tought it is a good idea to start with

readme looked easy enough so i did that

but i get now the error

error: flake 'git+file:///home/webpirat/Dokumente/nix-config' does not provide attribute 'packages.x86_64-linux.homeConfigurations."webpirat@workstation"', 'legacyPackages.x86_64-linux.homeConfigurations."webpirat@workstation"' or 'homeConfigurations."webpirat@workstation"'

when i do “nix flake show”

├───homeConfigurations: unknown
    └───workstation: NixOS configuration

So it looks to me as i got a typo somewhere ? Could someone pls look at it and tell me i cant seem to find whats wrong honestly i cant figure out how it should look like cause i found 3x differnt styles of that config now

thank u and best regards