Newbie questions on devshell and flakes

Im trying to implement numtide/devshell and am a nix newb. I don’t necessarily want to “escape” nix by doing everything in devshell.toml and there are a few things that I think are beyond the config file, but I am also struggling quite a bit with nix. Can you point the right direction / correct me on a few things?

  • I’m using flakes because I want to pin specific versions of dependencies and I’m not concerned about being tied to git perf wise (but watching PR #6530).

  • I can use both 22.11 and unstable packages in the same devshell, for example I need unstable to get pnpm v7.18.

  • No need for / very little value in using docker for the dev env when you have nix.

  • I use Linux (currently non-NixOS), but others use OSX and Windows. I have one devshell for each system but configure the devshell for each system.

  • I could make the devshell so users will be able to import their own bash aliases and whatnot into the devshell, but still be isolated enough that some random npm package wont have access outside of the direnv space (such as credentials).

Thank you!