Nextcloud Shortcuts & Icons in Nautilus

Brand new to NixOS GNOME (switching from Manjaro GNOME) I wonder, how

  1. I get some Nextcloud helpers (Status indicators next to files & folders) as well as context menus to copy public link etc
  2. How I get rid of 4 duplicates in sidebar (see screenshot below) and sort the others
  3. Bring stauts icon(s) to title bar (next to wifi, sound etc icons) - e.g Nextcloud, but also Element-Desktop notification

I guess I don’t need a step-by-step manual, but a hint what for to look could help a lot.


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nextcloud-client ships an extension for nautilus-python so you will need to install that system-wide:

environment.systemPackages = [

That sounds like this upstream issue: [Bug]: Nautilus integration: Nextcloud shares shown twice · Issue #6218 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

The fix will be part of the upcoming Nextcloud 3.12 release.

You may want to open an issue in Nixpkgs, asking the maintainers of the nextcloud-client package to backport it. Or even better, open a pull request.

This is not supported by GNOME Shell. One of the GNOME Shell developers created a merge request with a prototype but that has been stuck on lack of design.

If the Nextcloud provides AppIndicator API, you might be able to achieve it by installing gnomeExtensions.appindicator, re-logging into GNOME Shell, and enabling the extension in the Extensions app.

awesome. thank you. Good starting points do dig :wink: