Nix 2.21 released


I’m pleased to announce the availability of Nix 2.21.0. It is available from .

The most important changes are listed in the release notes.


Great stuff ! Looking forward to test it!

Release notes link is 404


The release notes link is not 404ing.

Maybe some caching issue. I was earlier able to click the release notes but now I also see a 404. When visiting the manual I know only see the 2.20 release

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Alternative release notes:

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For some reason it takes a long time for the homepage to update. I’ve edited the post to refer to the manual on

That’s weird, I was able to view the page also yesterday. Maybe it is local cache, or geographically-related?

I’m a casual Linux desktop user that recently started using NixOS. I’m not sure if this is the right thread to ask but, how necessary is it to update Nix?

I know how to update NixOS channels, and always update NixOS stable packages, but I haven’t thought of updating Nix.

Is it necessary to update this? Is this the correct to do it? Upgrading Nix - Nix Reference Manual

Nix gets updated with NixOS so you don’t need to explicitly update Nix yourself. You’ll probably not be at the very latest version of Nix unless you’ve configured your system to use the unstable version of Nix on you system. Currently 2.18 is marked as the stable release.

Probably best to make a new thread for questions like this in the future as it will likely get more attention and be searchable for other folks who have the same question.

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Great! Thanks for clarifying. I’m on 2.18.

Glad to know I’m still up to date with stable releases.

Thank you!