Nix 2.4 release candidate


More than two years since the last major release, Nix 2.4 is nearly upon us. It has a lot of changes, which you can find in the release notes. I would like to ask everybody who hasn’t followed nix-unstable to try out the 2.4 release candidate, which is available here: Channels for NixOS project(s) (sorry for the broken directory listing).

You can install it on non-NixOS systems by running:

# curl -L | sh

If you already have Nix installed and are on x86_64-linux, you can try it out by getting it from the binary cache:

# nix-shell -p 'builtins.storePath /nix/store/f6iisy5i007yxaygdxg0pwdbpvpn794i-nix-2.4pre-rc1'
# nix --version
nix (Nix) 2.4pre-rc1

Or if you’re already have a Nix version that supports flakes, you can get 2.4pre-rc1 in a shell:

# nix shell nix/2.4pre-rc1
# nix --version
nix (Nix) 2.4pre-rc1

Please report any and all issues in the bug tracker.




I’d like to propose to include as the current default in Nix on a low core count machine results into quite suboptimal performance when having to query many derivations.

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