Nix and Haskell at ZuriHac 2021

The Nixpkgs Haskell team will be helping Haskellers with Nix at ZuriHac 2021.

ZuriHac is an online Haskell hackathon. It will be held from Friday, June 18th, 2021 to Sunday, June 20th. There will be presentations about Haskell (and related languages), as well as a hackathon going on the whole weekend.

The Nixpkgs Haskell team will be running a Nix-related event at the hackathon. We will be eagerly awaiting all your questions about Nix the whole weekend. We will be available for voice chats (with screen sharing) to help people figure any Nix- and Haskell-related problems they may be running into.

We hope to help people with the following types of things:

  • installing Nix or NixOS

  • converting a personal Haskell project to build with Nix

  • setting up a Haskell development environment with Nix

  • investigating whether Nix would be a good solution for a project at work

  • contributing to Nixpkgs:

    • fixing broken Haskell packages
    • finding simple Haskell-related issues in Nixpkgs to try to fix
    • triaging old issues with the haskell label in Nixpkgs
    • writing documentation

We hope this will be a good opportunity for Haskellers, especially those new to Nix, but also everybody else, to play around with Nix. Just like Haskell, it has somewhat of a learning curve. But it is much easier if you have people you can immediately ask questions! We would be happy to help you. So come and join us!

In order to participate, you’ll need to register for ZuriHac 2021 which is free. ZuriHac is run over Discord. We will have a channel called #nix to chat in. There should also be voice channels where we can talk to each other.

The Nix people who have volunteered to help out with this:

Contact @cdepillabout if you also want to participate as a volunteer mentor.


I’ll be around as well! :slight_smile:


I’ll be around on a hopefully nonempty subset of days (probably friday and sunday) and can help with basic questions. (I’m not as knowledgeable as the other volunteers.)

I’ll also bring a question, namely how to override the GHC source for my haskell package set, so I can hack on a package that needs a GHC fork (specifically, Alexis King’s work on GitHub - hasura/eff: 🚧 a work in progress effect system for Haskell 🚧).