Nix-build: profiling memory and cpu usage

why is nix-build using too many cpu cores?
why is nix-build failing with random errors?
is nix-build running out of memory?

lets try to answer these questions


a build file to waste some cpu and memory

# stress-test.nix
# nix-build ./stress-test.nix

{ pkgs ? import <nixpkgs> { } }:

  nix-build-profiler = (pkgs.callPackage (pkgs.fetchFromGitHub {
    owner = "milahu";
    repo = "nix-build-profiler";
    rev = "60efb7314532fc21b5b67518f50fabfb71d10740";
    sha256 = "sha256-zeSasab1jA34To9bd995HPBf+BKLqfL98xVVt9AAXMQ=";
  }) { });

pkgs.stdenv.mkDerivation {
  name = "stress-test";
  dontUnpack = true; # no source

  nativeBuildInputs = with pkgs; [

  buildPhase = ''
      set -x
      echo stressing 90% of $NIX_BUILD_CORES of $(nproc) cores
      stress-ng --cpu-method all --cpu-load 90 --timeout 10s --cpu $NIX_BUILD_CORES
      echo stressing 90% of $(nproc) of $(nproc) cores
      stress-ng --cpu-method all --cpu-load 90 --timeout 10s --cpu 0
      echo stressing 80% of available memory
      stress-ng --vm 8 --vm-bytes 80% --timeout 10s
    exit 1 # force rebuild

save it as stress-test.nix and run nix-build ./stress-test.nix
now you should see the output of nix-build-profiler


this is a python script based on psutil, running inside the nix-build sandbox.
every second, it dumps the process tree to the build log

the output of nix-build-profiler is interleaved with the build log.
advantage: we see performance side-by-side with the build status

example output

example build:

nix-build -A qt6.qtwebengine

htop shows a load of 130…150 but should be 32.
random build errors with export NINJAFLAGS="-j32 -l32"

hypothesis: nix-build is running out of memory

load  mem rss  proc @ 2022-06-24 15:13:15 +0000
127.9   1   4G bash info={'child_procs': 2, 'cmdline': ['bash', '-e', '/nix/store/'], 'cwd': '/build/qtwe>
127.9   1   4G   ninja info={'child_procs': 15, 'cmdline': ['ninja', '-j32', '-l32']}
  1.0   0  36M     g++ src/webenginequick/ui/CMakeFiles/WebEngineQuickDelegatesQml.dir/webenginequickdelegatesqml_qmltyperegistrations.cpp.o -o src/webengin>
  0.9   0  36M     g++ src/webenginequick/ui/CMakeFiles/WebEngineQuickDelegatesQml.dir/.rcc/qmlcache/WebEngineQuickDelegatesQml_qmlcache_loader.cpp.o -o src>
  0.9   0  36M     g++ src/webenginequick/ui/CMakeFiles/WebEngineQuickDelegatesQml.dir/.rcc/qmlcache/WebEngineQuickDelegatesQml_AlertDialog_qml.cpp.o -o src>
  0.9   0  36M     g++ src/webenginequick/ui/CMakeFiles/WebEngineQuickDelegatesQml.dir/.rcc/qmlcache/WebEngineQuickDelegatesQml_AuthenticationDialog_qml.cpp>
115.5   1   3G     sh info={'child_procs': 1, 'cmdline': ['sh', '-c', 'cd /build/qtwebengine-everywhere-src-6.3.1/build/src/gn && /nix/store/vrsv842wx54vknd>
115.5   1   3G       cmake info={'child_procs': 1, 'cmdline': ['cmake', '--build', '.']}
115.5   1   3G         ninja info={'child_procs': 1, 'cmdline': ['ninja']}
115.5   1   3G           ninja info={'child_procs': 130, 'cmdline': ['ninja', '-C', '/build/qtwebengine-everywhere-src-6.3.1/build/src/gn/Release', 'gn'], '>
  0.9   0  25M             g++ -c ../../../../src/3rdparty/gn/src/base/ -o src/base/command_line.o
  0.9   0  25M             g++ -c ../../../../src/3rdparty/gn/src/base/ -o src/base/environment.o
  1.0   0  24M             g++ -c ../../../../src/3rdparty/gn/src/base/files/ -o src/base/files/file.o
  1.0   0  25M             g++ -c ../../../../src/3rdparty/gn/src/base/files/ -o src/base/files/file_enumerator.o
  0.9   0  24M             g++ -c ../../../../src/3rdparty/gn/src/base/files/ -o src/base/files/file_path.o
  0.8   0  23M             g++ -c ../../../../src/3rdparty/gn/src/base/files/

for gcc and g++, most arguments are hidden, to make the process tree more compact

the whole build process uses only about 1% memory
(rss 4G / total 256G = 1.56%)
so the “out of memory” hypothesis seems false

ninjas are overloading

the total load is around 128 on a 128 core machine
but $NIX_BUILD_CORES is 32 …
so the build is using too many cpu cores

we see 2 ninja procs. the first ninja has 15 child processes …

ninja info={‘child_procs’: 15, ‘cmdline’: [‘ninja’, ‘-j32’, ‘-l32’]}

… and the second ninja has 130 child processes

ninja info={‘child_procs’: 130, ‘cmdline’: [‘ninja’, ‘-C’, ‘/build/qtwebengine-everywhere-src-6.3.1/build/src/gn/Release’, ‘gn’],

… because the flags -j32 -l32 were not passed to the second ninja

when ninja calls ninja, they dont negotiate cpu limits
because the default ninja version does not implement the gnumake jobserver protocol

use ninja-tokenpool with jobclient and jobserver support (via)
and start the main build process with ninja --tokenpool-master

builders are overloading

when a builder wants to run multiple processes or threads in parallel (2 or more)
then it should use the gnumake-tokenpool protocol
to negotiate the number of parallel workers with the main build process (jobserver)

before and after

before: build was using up to 128 cores

(todo: graph)

after: max load is 32 == NIX_BUILD_CORES

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