Nix Camp - A Small Event for Nix Enthusiasts

It’s still open for anyone who wants to join, but Nix is largely European and so Covid has made it difficult for planned travel to Wales for most of those who were interested. I’ve met up with a few people IRL who’ve wanted to attend, so I’ve updated the number of places on the website to reflect that.

The Nix community in the UK is not very large, as far as I know, so domestic participation hasn’t been successful.

Those willing to deal with Covid complexities are still welcome! Fortune favours the bold.


The longer the better really.

2 Likes is hotting up.

lots of things being learnt , problems being fixed, flakes being consumed. Only the crumbiest, flakiest configs, make nixos taste like it never has before.

and make sure you attend in person on for the next

in the meantime , follow us remotely, and join the fun. don’t forget to tune in for updates…


news just in, we just got our selves a matrix room.

come and join in the ‘fun’.!


Nix Camp is happening again this year, hopefully this announcement is soon enough to gather some more people!

Visit to get your tickets.

4 Likes is very soon, we got a few tickets left… so grab em while you can and come join the fun and learning.

Nix & Kix is now the official beverage of Nix.Camp. Heart stopping club mate will also be available.

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I finally wrote the blog post for Nix Camp 2021 and 2022, please give it a read :cowboy_hat_face:


2023 continues here Nix Camp 2023 is On!