Nix Camp 2023 is On!

Nix Camp 2023 is on, from 24th September to October 1st. This means A week of living, breathing, learning and sometimes sleeping with Nix. There is an opportunity to extend the event to two weeks if demand is high enough.

Pictures of the venue and more details are available at the website, go ahead and book!

@ehmry and I were at the venue and took an ad-hoc point-cloud scan of an interesting part of the building. We plan to get a more thorough and high quality point-cloud scan, but I thought the model was cool enough to show off nonetheless, check it out below.


Please note that Nix Camp has reserved space at the venue but has not reserved the venue exclusively, which means the space will be shared with other artists and researchers.

This is a feature not a bug.

There is a noise theory symposium planned for September 18-24 (details to be announced). Arriving early to attend both the symposium and the camp is possible, as well as staying the following week at the space to work. If anyone wishes to extend their stay beyond the start or end of the camp they can message me or the venue directly.

The venue: Bidston Observatory Artistic Research Centre
Venue events: