Nix channel overview

my system is on 22.05 f10cdcf31dd

but it is not listed e.g. in

Where is a current list of the revisions?

Seems to be newest and shiniest commit (as of now):

This is probably the canonical representation of commits, unless you clone locally.

it is the current result after nix-channel --update
(I cannot find it … in the commit list )

Just at the top.

would help a little bit, to agree on “one format” …

why is it not listed in the dashboard?

I’m not sure if this list is in any way canonical, or official at least.

The domain seems to be owned by a well known and trusted user, still I question it’s canonicity.

We might need to ask @grahamc to shed some light.

Though from a quick glance, I’m not sure if there is any information that’s not also available on GitHub or in the git repo directly.

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