Nix-channel --update doesn't download changes

I’m trying to figure out what nix-channel --update actually does. My understanding was that if I add a URL to a tarball with nix-channel --add then nix-channel --update

  • would download that tarball
  • extract the tarball if it has changed
  • create a new channel generation if any of the tarballs have changed

My problem is that I have made changes to the tarball on the server but I don’t get those changes in ~/.nix-defexpr/channels/ after running nix-channel --update. I also noticed that the only output of nix-channel --update is unpacking channels..., nothing about downloading channels.

Did I misunderstand how nix-channel --update works?

You may be running into a cache TTL issue for the tarball.

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What does that mean and how do you fix it?

Nix caches downloads made through builtin fetchers, so if a given source has been downloaded recently enough, nix won’t check if it’s changed. I think this would also apply to nix-channel --update.

Simplest way to fix it is wait an hour. The default cache TTL is 1 hour. There are options to most nix commands to override the TTL for that command, but I don’t think nix-channel accepts them. So I guess the only option in that case would be to temporarily change the tarball-ttl option in nix.conf to 0.

It’s not a cache issue then. Thanks.

nix-shell '<home-manager>' -A install

updates the home-manager

but home-manager switch reverts it and ignores other updates.

relates to other issue.

I’m using flakes now.