Nix-channel --update fails : source not available

Hi, I am new to nix. I have installed the nix package in guix OS to benefit from additional packages.

When I come to updating the channel, I have the following error:

nix-channel --add
nix-channel --update
unpacking channels...
       … while calling the 'derivationStrict' builtin

         at /builtin/derivation.nix:9:12: (source not available)

       … while evaluating derivation 'nixos-23.11-23.11'
         whose name attribute is located at /tmp/nix.ilaaHP:9:10

       … while evaluating attribute 'src' of derivation 'nixos-23.11-23.11'

         at /tmp/nix.ilaaHP:9:10:

            9|   inherit name channelName src;
             |          ^

       error: path '/home/lalebarde/.local/share/nix/root/nix/store/scfilgzclamkv0gxdkmqr7hr9na5qymq-nixexprs.tar.xz' is not in the Nix store

       at «none»:0: (source not available)
error: program '/gnu/store/aj5z2sr34f8ab8ghm9rsxqifjpffp86i-nix-2.16.1/bin/nix-env' failed with exit code 1

My nix version is:

nix --version
nix (Nix) 2.16.1

Any idea please?

try sudo nix-channel --list and see if a channel is misnamed with an extra 23.11 tagged on? Root has its own channels different from a normal user. But it’s odd that --update would fail for this user’s channels. Anyway, worth checking.

nix is only in my user.

nix-channel --list

So what should I do?

Perhaps getting more info would aid us? pass --verbose during the update