Nix-channel update # reboot: must be superuser

Mainly I only updated nix-channels.

reboot: must be superuser.

reboot and poweroff via UI buttons are working.

Use systemctl reboot. It even should warn you, if other users are logged into the machine. If you don’t care and your user is in the wheel group, you can execute it as superuser with sudo reboot.

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sudo reboot

WARNING: could not determine runlevel - doing soft reboot
  (it's better to use shutdown instead of reboot from the command line)
shutdown: /run/initctl: No such file or directory
init: /run/initctl: No such file or directory

That looks weird.

Can you please check if reboot is a symlink that eventually points to systemctl?

And does using systemctl reboot work?

ls -lah $(which reboot)
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 68 Jan  1  1970 /run/current-system/sw/bin/reboot -> /nix/store/x0sfgp0kvf2mp1xbyvrplmn4436yylj4-sysvinit-3.00/bin/reboot
readlink -f $(which reboot)

systemctl reboot works

And a readlink -f?