Nix Community Survey 2022 - Update

TL;DR - 2,156 responses submitted, over 1700 reviewed, starting to compile summary. Will be posted by May 3rd! HUGE THANKS to all that participated.

The team has been heads down reviewing the survey responses. Since we began, over 7K open-ended question responses have been reviewed! Many thanks to all of you who took the time to submit your thoughts. Thanks to your efforts, as a community we will know where we should grow and improve to make Nix even better.
We wanted to share a quick update and a sneak peek of the data.
The long term goal is to make the survey recurring, rolling out every 6 months.

Timeline - We plan to publish the key conclusions by May 3rd.

Sneak Peek

Survey Metrics

  • Total number of responses - 2,156
  • Total number of open ended questions - 17
  • Total number of questions - 44


  • Europe/Central Asia - 49%
  • North America - 22%
  • Age Groups
    • 25 to 34 - 37%
    • 15 to 24 - 21%
    • 35 to 44 - 20%

A few initial interesting takeaways

  • While the majority of responses say they use nix and nixOS on servers and development machines, 10% use nix and nixOS on embedded/IoT devices
  • Flakes sentiment is showing a resemblance to an inverted bell curve, love or hate
  • When asked If nix/nixOS didn’t exist, what would you use instead, we had several responses of people saying they would instead retire, find a new job like woodworking, or simply run away to live in the woods.
  • Top reason for not contributing to nixpkgs → I don’t feel I’m good enough
  • Top reason people said they stopped using nixOS → learning curve is too steep

The full takeaway post is in the works as we finish reviewing!


Summary has been posted: