Nix Community Zulip

I love Zulip. I think it’s the best platform out there asynchronous communication in big communities. There are many reasons it’s great, but if you’re not familiar with it, I’ll list the 2 biggest in my opinion

  1. All messages are grouped by topic and you can browse a feed (“stream”) of topics instead of a single feed of messages. This means that you can leave for a week and come back, and quickly see if anything happened that you might be interested in. On other messaging platforms, you pretty much just have to accept that you’re never going to know what happened unless you want to scroll back through tons and tons of messages you don’t care about.

  2. It’s open source!

You can read more about Zulip’s features here

You can join at

I’ve currently set up a few channels mimicking the Discord. I’m sure people will want more. All feedback and questions are welcome!


Thank you for this information, I didn’t know this tool and am exactly fed up with the problem they are dealing with.

The server is not yet in nixpkgs … I hope it will soon

From what I gather, the server is tricky to get working with nix, sadly. But yes, hopefully someone will be able to do it eventually!

and the client doesn’t let me login … apparently the link to the browser is broken :frowning:

Interesting. I’ve had trouble with the client in the past but it was resolved with an update. That being said, the browser works great and there’s also an official terminal interface.

I had to grep the activation link in the ps output, now it works fine :slight_smile:

Just wanted to bump this given the Freenode situation.


So… from Arathorn:
(Matrix’s threading model has been designed to support Zulip (we’ve chatted a bun... | Hacker News)

Matrix’s threading model has been designed to support Zulip (we’ve chatted a bunch to Tim about linking them up) - the only catch is that it’s not implemented in any clients other than Cerulean so far. Element should add support soon now Spaces are out though.

I checked out Zulip again last week and it is excellent. I love the UI density, I love the threading model. It feels like the best parts of Wave. I am shocked it doesn’t have more attention, and I hope Matrix users get to opt-into it in the future.


I love Matrix because of the federation, encryption and the upcoming p2p feature.

And I love Zulip’s threads. To me it’s like a mix between a chat and a forum. You can skip the threads you don’t care about and not miss anything from the ones you care about.

I can’t wait for zulip-style threads support in Matrix.

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