nix-connectiq: Garmin Connect IQ SDK overlay

A simple show and tell post.

This wraps and makes available the SDK for many garmin devices, including watches and bands.

Additionally, there’s a custom connectiq.mkDerivation that aims to make those projects easy to build, as easy as:

connectiq.mkDerivation {
  pname = "my-project";
  version = "0.0.1";
  src = ./my-project;

This overlay’s documentation isn’t exhaustive, but everything should be there to understand how to use it.

Though, do note that there is nothing about the Eclipse plugin in here. The overlay assumes the user is not using it.



I just found out about this project that I would find really useful !

I am still new to Nix and I am wondering how hard it would be to update that repository to the newest versions of NixOS and Connect IQ SDK.

Any lead ?


I took ~5 minutes to look at it in the past month or two, but they changed a lot about how the SDK is distributed, and I haven’t taken any time into looking into URLs that were saved in the wayback machine, and/or solving this in a more robust manner.

Though, I hadn’t thought about this one weird trick to list URLs in the wayback machine:


One might use that to gather an SDK from around the same time to verify things work, and then start updating slowly if needed.

With that said, it’s not strictly required to update Nixpkgs, since you can conveniently think of it as an input to the toolchain, and in the end the result doesn’t really depend on anything from Nixpkgs, the way those applications work.

:eyes: Update to SDK 6.3 and NixOS 23.05 by hoh · Pull Request #1 · samueldr/nix-connectiq · GitHub


No, that’s not a coincidence :wink: