Nix-debian for system level configurations in debian systems

Hello everyone, so we were looking into nix-darwin and how it is implemented , we want to create similar projects to bring declarative and reproducible package management and system configurations to debian systems first and then hopefully branch out to other linux distros as well, and since nothing like nix-debian exists now, possibly due to the various distribution specific details, package managers and system service management tools, is it viable to atleast start working on a specific distros (i.e nix-debian) ? if not please elaborate. (Duplicate Message from NixOS GSoC matrix)

There’s this: GitHub - numtide/system-manager: Manage system config using nix on any distro

I suggest evaluating that first. But @Sujay-J-Reddy great that you reached out first!

Unfortunately we don’t have a good system for tracking such developments. Right now you have to “just know, somehow” that these things exist and what people work on. @Mic92 Maybe we could have a repo in nix-community where anyone can just add their prototypes? @ryantm Or simply a separate Discourse category to post them? I’d volunteer to sift through Announcements and move existing things.


i’ve played with system-manager a fair bit and agree with @fricklerhandwerk that it is a good starting point :+1:

:heart: numtide :heart:

This looks like what we need to start , thank you so much @fricklerhandwerk and @aanderse