`nix develop` with overlay

Using flakes.
Using nix command.

nix develop nixpkgs#dwl creates a beautiful perfect environment that has all of the dependencies available for building dwl. This is great.

In nixos, I am using an overlay with a recent dwl git version and recent git versions of wlroots (which is a dependency of dwl). This works fine to run that bleeding edge dwl from home manager, but I cannot quite put the pieces together for doing development on this git (overlay) version of dwl and wlroots.

How can I nix develop [? nixpkgs+overlay ?]#dwl to get that same beautiful clean environment for working on my overlay version of dwl?

I have attempted using the store path /nix/store/...drv for the custom overlay build of dwl.

This goes through downloading and then reports:

[1/0/2 built] building source:              Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed

And simply hangs there indefinitely.
nix develop --verbose /nix/store/[...]drv provides no additional information.

nix develop /nix/store/[...].dev looks like it is probably the correct solution. Apparently, codeberg.org has an issue right now that is causing .tar.gz downloads to silently hang. When that matter is resolved, I will test this again and [most likley] close this issue.