Nix Developer role @ Antithesis (startup, on-site in DC area)

Antithesis is using deterministic simulation, fuzzing, and ML to improve software testing. The engineering leads previously built FoundationDB (acquired by Apple). We’re taking a high-road approach and meeting all the implied hard technical problems head on! In addition, we’re a SAAS company and have a large amount of infrastructure to run as well.

A large part of our approach is using Nix[OS] for builds, deploys, infra/workstations, etc. – basically everything. We’re even doing our incremental C++ compilation with Nix directly. You can see our founders working to get relevant PRs completed and merged. We’re very invested in this work.

In terms of the larger technical goals for the startup, you see Will’s talk here from a few years ago: Autonomous Testing and the Future of Software Development - Will Wilson - YouTube. In addition, you can read the Simulation Testing section of

The role is on-site in the DC area, but please feel free to reach out even if you’re not currently local to the area. Fully funded medical, dental, and vision insurance. Unlimited vacation (with mandatory MINIMUM vacation time). Flexible hours. Excellent environment with a talented team.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Ben Collins
VP Engineering @ Antithesis


I hope your using Hercules CI!


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