Nix-docgen: automatic documentation generation to a Github Pages endpoint

Looking for a generated nixpkgs documentation I’ve found some problems.

  • Which branch is the documentation being generated?
  • Theme issues
  • Hard-to-findness
  • Customization: what if I want to see my PR documentation live?
  • Freshness: how old is the documentation I am looking now

Yeah, we already have some solutions for these but I find out doing mine would be much more customizable and fun so I did this [1]. It’s a bash static site generator that uses Nix to build documentation and organize it to be used as a GH Pages site. Pretty simple, pretty automatic, just the main page CSS is not so pretty but surely does the job. The site is hosted on [2].

Currently the site is rebuilt daily and I started it today ¯_(ツ)_/¯

[1] GitHub - lucasew/nix-docgen: Generate documentation of different nixpkgs branches and upload to github actions
[2] Available built documentation

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