Nix ecosystem contributor looking for Nix related work

Hey! I am looking for new Nix related opportunities (contract/freelance/employment).

I’ve been using Nix and NixOS exclusively for over 4 years now. Have also used it for professional use as part of my previous position as a Nix/DevOps Engineer at a functional programming consultancy.

Some of you might recognize me from the nixpkgs contributions I’ve made, various other nix-community projects I contributed too or maintain, IRL events I attended or organized, the marketing team and of course hanging out and assisting people in the chat platforms (Matrix and Discord).

I’ve got quite a lot of experience with easing the transition to Nix to newcomers as I have happened to introduce plenty of people to Nix, whether online or in flesh.

I recently finished high school, and so I have more time to dedicate to Nix and work. I am currently based in Israel, so I prefer remote work, but hybrid is also possible for some places in Europe.

If I seem like somebody you might be interested to work with, let me know over at

GitHub: Kranzes (Ilan Joselevich) · GitHub

Cheers, Ilan :orangutan:.