Nix Ecosystem Mind Map

Hint if you add tags to differentiate it from things unrelated to nix, I can add to blogs

Thanks for your feedback.

This site already has this feature in ‘presentation mode’, but is ugly. Try this one, click in first icon at top right


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I got some inspiration of Julia Evans post about flakes

Flakes Mid

Flakes Large

I just want to pack my code

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These look very nice. A slightly different take on presentation could be to fork the backend behind This has recently been done by and could be a useful addition at or


I liked the idea, specially in the context of Ecosystem,

The CNCF version can be found here.

The data is just a long YAML file, easy to generate and accept PR.

We just need:

  1. Infrastructure, it uses Netlify by default, but I think can run elsewhere
  2. Define new-entries policy

Possible caveats:

  • Logos, most of our projects don’t have any
  • External data, they pull info from CrunchBase, is unlikely to they had data from Nix projects, and there are some data license. Maybe we should hide this kind of data in the fork.

Our initial data could be curate the immutableria.

Have we considered flowcharts or diagrams for explaining Flakes?

@Gwyn I’m trying.

I’d love to see yours flowcharts

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Hey Hugo! Thanks for pointing out this thread.

The post I created (the title you’re quoting) used someone else’s flowchart, so I deleted it after I read the rules. It looks like I need permission to share others’ photos, and I haven’t requested it yet.

With that said, you can go view the Flakes flowchart yourself in the nixflakes GitHub repository from erictossell (GitHub - erictossell/nixflakes: My nixdots, but flaked.). Eric provides a couple insightful diagrams that succinctly illustrate his configuration files, and I found his Flake diagram particularly useful. It helped me conceptualize Flakes in a way that I struggled with before.


@Eriim more feedbacks for you :clap:

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@hugosenari awesome work thanks!

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Crossposting here, the cluster can easily host this, so I deployed landscape2 Announcing - #50 by cafkafk

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Make a post about it to make it more visible,

Can you please make issues features of github enabled, so I can register small bugs like github link pointing to wrong project?

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Ohh, right, github doesn’t allow issues on forks. But we can post issues on GitHub - nixlang-wiki/nixos-landscape: The Landscape of NixOS and associated projects now.

I can make an announcement here on discourse, I just wanted to wait a little until we had a little more on the map… but maybe we announce it to get stuff on the map I guess.

I love this! @hugosenari

Minor nitpick, it’s Brian with an i not a y :wink:

Thanks, for enabling it =)

I’m trying to find time to add my contributions.

Domain offers still open…

Pointed this to there, but they should be other thing:

Sorry, fixed. Thanks for your feedback.

Please help to add your link to landcape.

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I’m still had to move this to landscape, since there is more manageable and readable.
But for now a moved it to another mindmap to at least make the original one less confuse.

And obviously both mindmap and landscape are open for feedback, and inclusion requests.

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Unbiased evaluation of env management and pkg (python) tools
Anna-Lena Popkes

Isn’t directly Nix related, but packages manager related.

I liked the way she describes package management roles and the venn diagram with different ones.

Maybe we could use something similar, adding Nix and other non python specific tools like distro tools, home brew, etc. Maybe even docker can be viewed in this. Helping answer the famous: “how is different from docker?”

Also, I’m fan of diagrams :heart_eyes_cat:

There is also an presentation