Nix emscripten flake evaluation


I have this nix branch with flake.nix in it but I have no idea how to evaluate the nix attribute with the name “nix-emscripten”. :flushed::eyes:

Thomas Bereknyei wrote on Twitter:
… much a work-in-progress and a proof-of-concept. It needs cleanup, testing, remove ugly hacks, etc.
to try it out:
JSON.parse(Module.ccall(“main_nix_instantiate2”,“string”,[“string”],[let c = 2; in { a= 2; inherit c;}]))

But what is this d.nix? And what command is used to evaluate it?


I would love to use this for the tour of nix :heart_eyes::sweat_smile:


nix build github:flox/nix/wasm#d.nix

Did the trick :sweat_smile:

How to build from a local checkout though?

nix build .#d.nix

Did it!