Nix engineers @ TVbeat (remote)


I’m searching for new colleagues to work on Nix projects at TVbeat - big data company, main products are real time Analytics engine, Batch processing and ML forecasting system for TV advertising.


Our system started with C++ and LuaJIT but in the last 3 years we rewrote our entire stack to Rust, which is now our main language for almost every part of the stack - from analytics to micro services, our developers and ops are very happy with performance and maintainability of Rust.
We continued using LuaJIT for shell scripting using internally built library [lsh], which was inspired by Rust, Go and Python standard libraries for process execution and path manipulation, it is battle tested for many years on our production systems, at one point it will be open sourced, you can peek at documentation to get the idea.
NIX is used as development shell, crate2nix for Rust release builds and CI tests, napalm and yarn2nix for frontend TS/JS part, pretty standard.

We heavily use NixOS modules for system configuration and generating systemd services which we deploy on Ubuntu based LXD containers, this is something you will actively work on to transition entirely to NixOS and k8s with help of nixpkgs dockerTools.

There is a Hydra instance which builds our nix caches and stores it on S3.

We try to upstream as much as possible, open source is my mindset, you will have allocated time to work on nixpkgs.


We love bare metal, naturally there is a big fleet of bare metal machines on Hetzner with hundreds of terabytes of RAM. All of them are hosting LXD daemons with hundreds of containers. Cloud providers are mainly used for storage.

Life at TVbeat

Standard fully-remote job, we have offices in Zagreb, Croatia and London, UK.
US office is in the works.


If this excites you feel free to reach out at “lblasc [at] tvbeat [dot] com”.
Easy guess, we also need more Rust engineers, feel free to contact me
for this role as well.