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Is there any chance you have a recording with each microphone on a separate audio track? Or at least one where the two input channels are mixed at similar volume levels?

It’s hard to tell for sure, but it seems like the even the pre-amp noise (or ADC noise?) from one side is mixed to be at a higher volume than the voice from the other. (I’m assuming that’s not intentional.)

I have purchased a new microphone, hopefully, this will improve the audio quality. Both audio tracks are on different channels in OBS, unfortunately, they get merged in the stream so it’s difficult to apply post-processing to it.

It looks like OBS can record up to 4 audio tracks, one of which it will stream live. If you can tolerate the additional CPU load (and disk space) it might be worth trying.

I’m not sure how much a new mic would help. If it reduces the static that might help a bit, but I think the main problem is Mic92’s voice got mixed at a very low volume. Was it coming through all right for you during the call? If so, perhaps it’s just a matter of adjusting the OBS Audio Mixer so the two channels end up at a similar level.

Indeed. I keep forgetting to tune the audio before starting the stream. If you keep watching, a listener eventually tells us to fix the audio and I adjusted the levels.

I need an assistant :smiley:


Nix Friday!

We all heard that Nix is reproducible. But is it actually true? What does it mean really?

I will give a small presentation, followed by some hacking.

Join us tomorrow at 16:00 UTC to find out.


Great work, thank you for making this happen.

Any chance we can get the recordings on peertube instead of / in addition to youtube?

I am pretty sure that zimbatm, would not mind, if someone uploads it their.

I would be more than happy to get some help and have them duplicated on PeerTube. The issue is just the amount of extra work that it would take on my side.

Here is the latest recording, talking about deploying NixOS with Terraform:


And the recording on NixOS Reproducibility that I forgot to upload last week:


Nix Friday!

This week, @Mic92 is coming back on the stream to talk about his latest project: nix-ld - Run unpatched dynamic binaries on NixOS.

As usual, join us on Friday at 16:00 UTC Twitch


I saw you star the project. Can’t wait to hear more about it.

Here is the recording of last’s episode:


Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I am putting Nix Friday on hold for a bit. Work is taking over all my time again. But I will be back!

As usual, suggestions for episodes and activities are most welcome. <3


Could you please do a video about cross compiling?

I have a very old and slow machine (i686). Everytime I run sudo nixos-rebuild switch, it takes a very long long time to build some packages. I’m thinking about having NixOS running cross compiling on another powerful machine, then download build artifact and install on my slow machine

I’ve found some articles about this but I couldn’t execute this. It’d be great if you can do a video showing step-by-step on how to do it

Thank you in advance


Have you looked into yet? They provide 50 hours of free CPU per month which should be enough for your needs I think.

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Thank you. I didn’t know this. I’ll try it out

@nixnoob take a look at this Offloading NixOS builds to a faster machine


Cross-posting: Introducing flox - Nix for simplicity and scale

Next week I will be interviewing them so come along to ask them many questions!

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Here is the recording:

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