Nix in the Wild: Prisma's Johannes Schickling

Hi there :wave: I’ve recently joined the flox team, and I’m also new to the Nix community.

We are kicking off a regular series of articles that we are calling Nix in the Wild. We want to showcase everyday users of Nix, demystify it, and demonstrate how powerful it can be. These stories help new users feel more confident taking the first critical steps towards adopting Nix.

The first one comes from the co-founder of Prisma, Johannes Schickling, and can be found here:
Nix in the Wild: Prisma

We’ve got a few more of these in the pipeline, and hope to release them a few times a month. If you’d like us to interview you for a future Nix in the Wild, drop a note to - I would love to document your experience with Nix for others to study and enjoy!

– Ross (and the flox team!)