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Given they’re looking a pre-populated nix stores their input and feedback on [RFC 0152]: `local-overlay` store by Ericson2314 · Pull Request #152 · NixOS/rfcs · GitHub would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


It would be rather concerning if they end up just leeching and not giving anything back to the community in return…


As @ericson2314 has been saying for a long time now, use cases like Google’s will likely benefit a lot from implementing RFC 134 (a stand-alone store layer) and C bindings to the store.

@flokli this may also be relevant for the Tvix store.


Very cool! I still have their original video in my watch later playlist, gotta have a watch now.

We are looking at possibly creating our own DSL […]

Did you tell him about Nickel? If that is on their to-do anyway, it would be cool to have an angle through which they could contribute.


It would be interesting to compare it not with Docker, but with Bazel, because it is a Google product that borrowed a lot from NixOS (if I remember correctly, Google uses it to build not only a lot of packages, but also full operating system images).

Where Nix is still superior?