Nix installation issue

I’m trying to install Nix but getting an issue that it thinks I still have Nix installed. Asks me to run “sudo rm -rf /etc/nix /nix /root/.nix-profile /root/.nix-defexpr /root/.nix-channels /home/paul/.nix-profile /home/paul/.nix-defexpr /home/paul/.nix-channels” which I run and verify worked.

I re-run installer and it still gives me same error. I’ve tried running this and rebooting and still get this error.

Please help!

I found that some other program had nix installed. So I went to do a nix build and get an error “error: the build users group ‘nixbld’ has no members”.

I assume I have to add my account to the nixbld users group.

did you do multi or single user install?

I am having the same issue. Sadness. I am doing the multi-user install.

Adding myself to the nixbld group, which appears to have worked. However, once we get to the step of

---- sudo execution ------------------------------------------------------------
I am executing:

    $ sudo launchctl kickstart -k system/org.nixos.darwin-store

to launch the Nix volume mounter

the screen goes black as if all of the services have crashed, and slowly everything repopulates the screen.