Nix-ld-rs: Testers wanted

zhaofengli re-wrote nix-ld some time ago in Rust. I added now nix-ld-rs to nixpkgs: nix-ld-rs: init at 2024-03-23 by Mic92 · Pull Request #298607 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

The main advantage of nix-ld-rs is that unpatched binaries started with it, no longer have LD_LIBRARY_PATH
set, which causes less breakages for example when used with the vscode remote feature.

To test nix-ld-rs, update your nixpkgs and add the following NixOS configuration:

{ pkgs, ... }: {
  programs.nix-ld.package = pkgs.nix-ld-rs;

Check out dotfiles/nixos/modules/nix-ld.nix at ce4d81790ac9111324b25d0b3fc5748d241f2f6f · Mic92/dotfiles · GitHub for a full real-world configuration.

Please report any regression that are introduced in nix-ld-rs but are not present in nix-ld here: GitHub - nix-community/nix-ld-rs: Run unpatched dynamic binaries on NixOS [maintainer=@zhaofengli @Mic92]
After a testing phase the plan is to merge nix-ld-rs into nix-ld and make it the new implementation.