Nix meetup Helsinki

Hi all,

A couple of friends and I are arranging a Helsinki Nix meetup later in August (between 19th and 31st). We have a contact at Nitor willing to host the meetup at their office (Aleksanterinkatu 46, 00100 Helsinki).

We are currently using this Matrix channel to coordinate. If you are interested in meeting up, please join the channel (or reply to this topic).

Also, to decide on a date, I have set up an availability planner.

This is the second attempt at arranging a meetup in Helsinki. Last time we got unfortunately little attention.


Looking forward to meet new people and find out what other Nixers in the area are up to! I think it would be great if we all prepared some small demos or show-cases to demonstrate our work. It would be absolutely awesome if found any Nix-curious but not converted people and hosted an onboarding workshop as part of the meeting. And of course we should have an afterparty

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The meetup is now final:

  • Date & time: Wed 28.8 at 17:00 (GMT+3) and will last for a couple of hours.
  • Location: Nitor office, Aleksanterinkatu 46, 00100 Helsinki
  • Presentations/schedule: TBD

We currently have only ~10 participants and would love to find 10 more!

There will be non-alcoholic beverages and snacks served during the meetup.

If you are interested in joining the meetup please reply here or send us a message in the Matrix channel.

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