Nix/NixOS build on Bedrock Linux

Note: You might want to just install the Nix package manager alone instead due to numerous issues with NixOS as a stratum; please read through the whole post before attempting this. The advantages of this are currently:

  1. Functioning like both Nix and NixOS in a single installation.
  2. The installation being in a single directory.
  3. Its programs being executed by brc when used like Nix.


That is very interesting! Though I have to say, system-manager seems like a much easier way to get the benefits of one Linux distro (for gaming, for example) while still configuring your system the NixOS way.

That post is also 5 years old. The Bedrock docs themselves only make a brief mention of NixOS and its compatibility issues with Bedrock, so it doesn’t seem like there has been much movement in this direction.

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