Nix Office Hours!

Yes! Thank you, we already have #nixos-officehours on Freenode. We had it last time, but due to some funny circumstance didn’t announce it.

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If this is a regular thing as planned I don’t think you should continue using this thread
to have to continually announce things.

Perhaps there could be a matrix for events
I believe that’s something we touched on, albeit I no longer have any involvement with this.

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I think this will help some people to get the time right: Nix Office Hours - World Time Buddy

That site is wrong :frowning: The site says 4pm - 5pm in for both my timezone and the office hours timezone (which happen to be the same timezone) when it should be 3pm - 4pm (well 3:45pm).

I hope that site isn’t misleading people.

Sorry, my mistake, will fix the link

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How can we find the youtube link?


Hey everyone.
As of today and going forward you don’t need to look in this thread for further proceedings :sparkles:

All details should be at
Updates coming regularly from Graham’s twitter.

:heart: Worldofpeace

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