Nix Office Hours!


Hey everyone,

I’m going to be hosting regular Nix ecosystem office hours starting next week. It’ll be a video call where anyone can drop in and chat about the Nix ecosystem: cool PRs, problems, improvements, how to help each other to improve Nix.

If you’re interested, please tell me when you’re available over at

Thank you!


Great idea. So when you say “office hours”, you mean Eastern Time office hours?


I’d think the poll translates the event to your timezone. For me it says:

All times are displayed in …


Sure, I got that too, but I doubt Graham is going to start conducting these at 3.30am his local time.


Assuming he’s in east US (GMT -4 in summer), that gives me range 8 AM – 5 PM for him. Overall the ranges mostly avoid “night” in European and American timezones, unsurprisingly.


Scrolling up and down did the trick!

I simply couldn’t see that there were any options to select - all I had was a blank calendar for the day due to being in UTC+8, so stupid me thought we had to fill in the various options, but as mentioned scrolling up and down revealed the options.

This makes a lot more sense now. Apologies for the noise all.


Exciting idea :slight_smile: What ended up happening with this?


And how noob can you be to join and take up your time?