Nix on Apple Silicon (aarch64) Macs and alternative path for the Nix store

Are there any plans on how to manage this transition in terms of Nix and nixpkgs? I’m assuming tis transition will require a rebuilding of the entire binary cache?

Nix on macOS also faces the problem of not having a writable root volume (/), which requires users to use various hacks and workarounds to be able to install Nix.

Couldn’t the macOS transition to Apple Silicon provide an opportunity for the macOS version of Nix to change to an alternative path (I’ve seen /opt/nix, /usr/local/nix and /var/nix discussed) for the Nix store? How widespread is the use of hardcoded /nix paths in nixpkgs?

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Can’t comment at the meta/plan level, but FWIW here’s the most-recent discussion I’ve seen touching on any of this: #nixos-dev on 2020-07-15 — irc logs;

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