`nix optimise-store`: skipping suspicious writable file

I recently learned about nix optimise-store.

It shows a lot of lines similar to this:

skipping suspicious writable file '/nix/store/zrazw25gy012ip7vcqddw6lcc393qvcg-xz-5.2.4-bin/bin/xzmore'

wc says output overall is 1246 lines, though this might include a summary or other errors/warnings I have not yet seen because of the flood.

Is there anything I can do to fix the permissions on those pathes?

I hoped nix docotr would do, but it just gives an unhelpful output ("Store uri: daemon"), and I don’t even know if it repaired or only checked things or did nothing, or…

I’m also curious to the question about this particular warning. For the nix doctor output, BTW, once we do the next nix release the output will get much better and tell you what it’s actually checking, which check(s) pass, and so on.

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