Nix os in unrecoverable state

The system was working, fine for weeks, but after running the Nix flake update. I put my computer to sleep. But it got powered up immediately, so I turned it off. But when I powered it up again the screens were flickering, the mouse was not responding, and no program could be started. I am using hyprland wm, and have no other WM. For hardware I have NVidia. (greeter works tho)

What’s worse is that, if I use older generations of Nix, the issue persists. In some of the generations the mouse works, and screens are not flickering, but no program is starting, and I can’t change anything as I am unable to run the terminal.

Sorry that I can’t provide more information, but I can’t control the PC in any way so I can’t provide more info.

Do I have to just reinstall the whole OS? Or is there a way how to undo the update?

Thanks for the help, I am quite new to nix and Linux in general.

I don’t know what could have caused the issue but if you have the config files backed up (or on a git repo) it should be quite easy to reinstall the exact same system as the one you were using before the issue.
And regarding the issue, to me it sounds like this is caused by some corrupted system files during a write process because of the update.
Another option that you could try, that would not include reinstalling nixos is to chroot from a live nixos iso into the old system and rebuild the system in hopes that this will fix the update.
I hope I was of any help :slight_smile:

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